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For any online store today, merely pushing products and discounts won’t cut it anymore. Today’s shoppers demand a tailored experience, craving products that resonate with their unique interests. 

Well, here’s why: Norah, a twenty-something-year-old, is a make-up enthusiast. She has been looking for that perfect sunscreen that fits her skin type. Yet, all she sees is sunscreen, sans the trendy hat for shade, the lightweight moisturizer, or the soothing aloe vera gel. Left feeling overlooked, Norah becomes part of the staggering 70% of online shoppers abandoning their carts due to impersonal recommendations. 

Customers like Norah are often left stranded with generic recommendations, or worse, none at all! It’s a glaring missed opportunity to elevate their shopping journey and foster unwavering loyalty. Regrettably, this scenario unfolds far too frequently. 

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The Dilemma: Where Traditional Recommendations Miss the Mark 

As a marketer, you’re well aware of the impact of ecommerce product recommendations. To put it succinctly, personalized suggestions are a sales powerhouse. According to Barlliance, they can contribute up to 31% of total revenue. Yet, it’s not merely about the bottom line—satisfied customers are inclined to click on recommendations twice as frequently, fostering loyalty and repeat patronage. 

But let’s face it: Crafting truly effective customer-centric AI recommendations can feel like chasing a moving target. 

Industry leader Neil Patel once said, “The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing at all—it feels like a conversation with a trusted friend.” But how do you have that conversation when customer expectations are constantly evolving? 

The Conundrum:

  • Evolving Search Behavior: Today’s fashion-forward consumers are shifting from simple keywords to nuanced queries like “airport look with comfort” instead of just “sweatpants,” signaling a demand for contextually relevant recommendations. 
  • The Personalization Gap: As customers increasingly seek tailored experiences, their search queries are growing longer, underscoring dissatisfaction with generic suggestions. This disparity creates an expectation gap—consumers desire curated guidance akin to a stylist’s touch, not a robotic response. 
  • Keyword Misalignment: Relying on basic keyword matching often results in irrelevant recommendations. Picture a shopper searching for a “summer dress” only to be inundated with winter coat options! This generic approach fails to grasp the holistic context of a customer’s needs, resulting in missed opportunities and disgruntled shoppers. 

So, how are brands tackling this disparity? 

  • Investing in recommendation engines: While these tools offer some improvement, they often rely solely on past purchase history. Thus, they neglect the ever-changing context of a customer’s needs. 
  • Personalizing the shopping experience: This includes tactics like targeted email campaigns and product suggestions based on demographics. However, these methods lack a great understanding of what a customer truly desires.
  • Focusing on contextual search: Contextual search goes beyond keywords, but it still requires significant technical expertise and ongoing optimization. 

Ditch the Random. Deliver Personalized! 

Worry not, for Flyfish is here to save the day! Flyfish is a cutting-edge Generative AI platform that transforms online shopping experiences. Harnessing the potent trifecta of search, personalized recommendations, and conversational commerce, it seamlessly transforms traditional storefronts into dynamic consultative hubs.

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Fact: According to Forbes, 56% of customers are inclined to revisit sites that offer customer-centric AI recommendations.

Flyfish leverages your existing Customer Data Program or recommendation engine to craft hyper-personalized suggestions tailored to each customer’s preferences. Imagine a product catalog with 100 dresses, 50 bags, and 20 pairs of shoes. If a marketer aims to suppress 13 dresses, 4 bags, and 4 shoes, Flyfish offers precise control, enabling marketers to suppress specific products for any reason, leading to enhanced upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

Flyfish Empowering Marketers 

Your merchandising rules + AI = that’s when the magic happens. 

Flyfish empowers marketers with unparalleled control over product suggestions on their online store. It revolutionizes the game with its distinctive methodology. Serving as the link between your Customer Data Platform (CDP) or current recommendation engine and your ecommerce platform, it tailors recommendations to individual preferences, streamlining the shopping journey. 

Remember: “Matching the perfect product with the perfect person at the perfect moment elevates the entire shopping experience, making it not just enjoyable, but downright efficient.” 

Here’s how Flyfish reclaims control for marketers: 

  • Cohort Mastery: Integrating seamlessly with your existing tools & rules, Flyfish deciphers customer segments (cohorts) based on demographics, past behaviors, and real-time browsing, providing invaluable insights. 
  • Contextual Brilliance: Beyond mere keywords, Flyfish delves into the “why” behind searches. Whether it’s “airport look” or specific items like “sweatshirt” and “track pants,” it crafts recommendations that align perfectly with the customer’s intent. 

The cherry on top? Transparency reigns supreme. Flyfish not only suggests the ideal product but also explains the rationale behind it. This builds trust and equips customers to make informed choices, elevating brand loyalty and resulting in repeat business.  

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That’s not all – Flyfish offers unparalleled control over personalized product recommendations, allowing you to: 

  • Elevate specific products for enhanced visibility, aligning with marketing campaigns or strategic objectives. 
  • Suppress irrelevant products to cater to specific customer segments or contexts.
  • Conceal products entirely, whether due to stock availability or other considerations. 

With Flyfish, personalization knows no bounds, thanks to: 

  • Dynamic Stack Ranking: Prioritizing your product catalog ensures the most relevant items take the spotlight, driving sales and unlocking your store’s full potential.
  • Total Command: Define product order within recommendations to highlight the most pertinent options. 
  • Tailored Shopping Experience: This level of control empowers marketers to craft personalized journeys, fostering brand loyalty and boosting sales. 

Flyfish isn’t just about recommendations – it’s about giving you the power to create a personalized shopping experience that drives sales and customer loyalty. Boost the essentials and suppress the rest — transform your ecommerce approach with Flyfish today.

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