Consultative Sales AI
for your Digital Storefront

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Sell Smart

Create a high-touch experience on every digital storefront. Build a friendly and smart AI Sales Advisor who listens to buyers, guides them and drives sales without being pushy.

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Sell Direct

Have one-on-one, personalized conversations with millions of customers. Reengage with shoppers, up-sell and cross-sell effortlessly based on buyer behavior and purchase history.

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Sell Everywhere

Engage with buyers on a channel they prefer and in the language they speak. Extend the Flyfish experience across channels like web, mobile, social, and messaging platforms.

Transform Shopping Experience
with Consultative Sales AI

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Connect the Consultative Sales AI with all knowledge sources.

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Customize the UI and integrate with MarTech platforms

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Test the customer experience and launch on one or more channels

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Monitor sales, drop-offs, and other KPIs to measure impact


Create an AI Sales Advisor by feeding information from your e-commerce platform, product catalogs, marketing collateral, websites, 1:1 sales conversations, and other sources.


ingest icon Flyfish's screen showing ingest skills into your AI


Flyfish's screen showing easy configure of the AI sales advisorFlyfish's screen showing easy configure of the AI sales advisor


Easily configure the AI Sales Advisor the way you like, with support for additional languages, call-to-actions, human-in-the-loop, and personalization options.


Launch your AI Sales Advisor on one or more channels in just a few clicks. Choose from a wide range of channels such as web, mobile, social media, and instant messaging apps.


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built-in data studio to analyze every conversation between buyers and your AI Sales Advisorbuilt-in data studio to analyze every conversation between buyers and your AI Sales Advisor


Use the built-in data studio to analyze every conversation between buyers and your AI Sales Advisor. Spot funnel drop-offs and determine revenue leakage without breaking a sweat.

Blends Right into your Technology Stack

Create a fluid buying experience by connecting Flyfish with all the backend systems you use, including e-commerce platforms, CRMs, ERPs, CDPs, and personalization engines.

E-Commerce Platforms
Product Info Management Systems
CRM Systems
Personalization Engines
Campaign Management Tools


Engage with Buyers in Channels they Love

Enable your buyers to engage with your brand and make purchases wherever and whenever they want. Drive growth by making the shopping experience frictionless and enjoyable.

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Build your own AI Sales Advisor in Minutes