Consultative AI for Digital Sales

Flyfish is a Generative AI Platform that transforms online store into a consultative shopping experience with the power of search, personalized recommendations and conversational commerce.

AI Advisory for Shoppers’ Unique Needs

How does Flyfish work?

representation of how flyfish worksrepresentation of how flyfish works

Why Flyfish?

Boost Sales by

Reduce CAC by

Increase NPS by

Customer Stories

A man and woman standing together in front of a blue wall-illustration for increased revenue generation with Flyfish


An upcoming sustainable fashion brand reduced CAC and increased their digital revenue with Flyfish

A collection of cosmetics on a pink background-illustration for Flyfish's AI powered consultative selling


A fast-growing cosmetics brand harnesses AI-powered consultative selling to increase avg. order value

A golden heart charm bracelet and a ring in a white jewelry box, both placed on a pink background


A top-tier jewellery brand increased their return on ad spends through AI-driven buyer engagement

A box filled with assorted beverages-illustration for FLyfish's AI-assisted selling witnessed a jump in conversion rates

Consumer Goods

A leading FMCG brand witnessed a jump in conversion rates with AI-Assisted selling on WhatsApp

A women with a laptop-illustration for Flyfish's generative AI in edtech industry


An emerging player in the ed-tech industry achieves a month-over-month revenue rise

Green bottle, gold coins on a yellow background—illustration for Flyfish’s Generative AI elevates Singapore FinTech's scores.


Flyfish’s Generative AI enables Singapore’s leading FinTech company to improve their net promoter scores

Create AI Sales Advisors in 4 Simple Steps​

Flyfish's AI sales advisor in 4 simple stepsFlyfish's AI sales advisor in 4 simple steps

Done. Launch your first AI Sales Advisor in 7 Minutes.
Flyfish does all the heavy lifting.

*Estimated for a 500 product catalog

Blends Right Into Your Existing Stack

A collage of various social media icons representing the best marketing tools for small businessesA collage of various social media icons representing the best marketing tools for small businesses

Online Shopping Doesn’t Have to be Cold and Impersonal

Create “High Touch” At Scale